The world is still not only black and white
The world is still not only black and white
"Hi, my name is Zac Haver and I was on my way to Savannah.Sadly,'something' came in my way and now I'm helpless in this world full of undead people. My biggest wish is just to survive this nightmare or at least wake up from it..isn't too much I can ask for..right?" [Independent roleplay blog for a twdg-OC.But I'm also willing to rp with other people.Don't be shy :)]


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                    ❝ well, tha’ explains it already. ❞

                    the auburnhaired darted a quick glance to the supplies ; 
                    a brief clearing of his throat by the question the other 
                    asked after a few moments then, by which he shook his 
                    head to a smile that had tugged upon him.

                   ❝ nope — completly clueless, but my best friend taught me.
                      he learned it from his uncle so, i learned it from ‘im. i still don’t
                      use guns tha’ often though, i rather stick with my machete.
                      ‘s kinda my lucky weapon. why d’ y’ ask

Zac shrugged a few times until he really spoke.He was embarassed that he still had problems to do certain tasks that were just unthinkable not to do these days. Even more, Zac was thankful nobody ever talked to him about that.
"Ahh just..wanted to know it,that’s all.."
Nervously,the guy scratched his head. Luke was a cool guy…it looked so natural for him to use any kind of weapon…
When Zac tried however..he was lucky not to shoot his own foot.

"It’s just like most of my commerades I encountered so far seemed to be so skilled..or better than me. It’s not hard to be better than me…"
Now he felt trapped within his own words. All he said was basically: ‘Luke I can do shit to protect anyone haha’
"You know…I was a student when this started…I just knew how,sleep and play guitar. And flirt."

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            ❝ can imagine tha’ — but better stay optimistic ; 
               i don’t think tha’ animals are affected by the
               apocalypse tha’ much. they hunger, yeah, but
               tha’ doesn’t mean tha’ they don’t survive, righ’ ? ❞

                                                             optimistic words given the other,
                                                             in try to lift the mood from a
                                                             recalled memory zac probably had, 
                                                             luke’d even so lightly punch his 

"You’re probably right…but it’s not because of that hehe..",he began to grin at the others actions and rubed his shoulder.
"I think she just likes cats more…”

Zac cleared his throat to end these thoughts and looked back to the last supplies that were left.It was enough for a few days,but after that,they needed to find new things quickly. Scavenging wasn’t his best skill,n fact,the brown haired was pretty scared of going with someone else. That meant to protect the partner and all,right? And Zac was already bad at protecting himself.Sure,it got better over time…but running was still the best option.
To this day,he hadn’t killed that many walker. Maybe…10..not more and they were already 2 years or more in the apocalypse.

"Can I ask you something? 2 or 3 years ago…did you know how to shoot or how to handle a weapon? Or were you clueless?"

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sxdare ic I think he already burned the glasses BUT MAYBE I WILL HINT KAT IN THAT HERE HEUHEUEH
"Oh…I’m just a hopeless romantic who is looking for the love of his life.I’m not even sure if she is alive or not.."

♮Indie Oc for TWDG,Zac Haver(rps also with other fandoms)

♮Mun is over 21+,Muse is between 18-21(depends on the setting)

♮Adapts to the style,mostly para and novella

♮Triggers will be tagged(Gore,Violence,ect. 
   you can write me any time if you want anything tagged)

♮Willing to rp with anyone as long as we al have fun!\OwO/

♮ Zac is a weenie so don’t be afraid.He is more afraid of you

                                   [♯ Musician Lyrics ]

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"Really?I had one too! But my father didn’t like pets at all so we had to give him to someone else. It was really..sad.."
The younger one dropped his head.It had been a while since this had happened. Probably over 10 years but for Zac it was like it was yesterday.
"I hope this ends soon here..but I doubt I will have the chance for a dog that quickly.."

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"Wait. You are Luke's girlfriend? I thought it's Jane?" (JUST BEING A LITTLE SHIT)



What she wants to do:


What she actually does:

"Well… Not unless you have a child in between a man who has replaced you and your own daughter looks up to a stranger more than she does you-her mother. Then, yeah. You’ve been in this kind of situation before.”

"Be careful with such words. Just because it seems like your daughter looks up to her more than she does to you doesn’t mean it is like this. The little lady loks up to you. You are her hero, she loves you and this is different than the connection she has with Jane.
Listen up, I don’t like to sound rude. But if I learnt one thing, then it is that you can’t replace anyone. He didn’t replace you. Of course, it feels like that…I had this feeling as well..being replaced and thrown away. However, do you rather want to have him lying to you about his feelings and smile in your face? This isn’t love. Love comes in different forms..and it’s not always the one we wish for.”

Zac understood her anger towards him.He wasn’t the one to judge her about snapping at him.
"Luke does love you…but not like you want him to love you. And I know that you don’t want forced feelings from him. Helen will always love you as her mom.
Don’t mourn over these things…hold onto the ones you have.
I almost fucked up and lost the last thing I have in this world..but I got my shit together and did everything to keep it…and I know you can do the same. Together with Luke and Jane.”

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"Wait. You are Luke's girlfriend? I thought it's Jane?" (JUST BEING A LITTLE SHIT)


What she wants to do:


What she actually does:

"I..i didn’t know. Sorry…I really didn’t want to make you feel bad",the man said and looked to the ground, still repeating the mistakes he did when he was younger.
"But I’ve been in such kind of situation before as well. "

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"At first I thought the chick with the short hair is your mom"


"I told y’ my momma’s d e a d!”

Well that detail slipped out of his mind when he saw Jane. The only thing he wanted to be was honest. And the moment he was Jane,he thought she was Helen’s mom. A pretty young mom.
"I’m sorry."

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Don’ worry, I understand. ❞

                       ❝ ——I woul’ d’ the same; Let ev’ryon’ stay at one place. ❞

Luke would nod with comprehension; 
It was never the best thing to be seperate
from everyone else and it honestly didn’t
suprise him when Zac said that he’d left 
Elisa at their place they have found. 

                                   Ain’t workin’ tha’ well though ❞

                                   A muttered response to his earlier
                                   spoken words; Zac’s circumstances
                                   weren’t much different from his own, 
                                   yet Luke was definetly alone, desorien -
                                   tated by the other’s position, but since
                                   they are definetly all togehter, Luke 
                                   could help Zac with his problem. 

                               ❝ Well, if yer’ sayin’ tha’ ya’ left her alone fer
                                   pretty long,  maybe y’ shoul’ go back t’ her
                                   then an’ I coul’ bring ya’ t’ the ski lodge — ❞
                                                                                       He gestured to the way he came 
                                                                                       from before, it wouldn’t be that far
                                                                                       away from their actual position, but 
                                                                                       depending on the weather, it would
                                                                                       be a better idea to get Zac and his 
                                                                                       girlfriend into a warm place. 

                                                                                    ❝ —With the temp’ratures droppin’
                                                                                            it woul’ be better t’ get ya’ two
                                                                                            there before nigh’. ‘❞

"Of course it’s not good…leaving her for so long. But I just wanted.."
The boy sighed. Even tho he wasn’t a boy anymore. He had changed a lt during this time. At first, Elisa and he did a lot of stuff together. Also scavenging or looking for new locations. However, after one incident, Zac tried to keep her out of everything that was jst remotely dangerous to her.
"Maybe you should come with me..I have no idea where the location of your house or lodge is.."

Nervously, Zac scratched the nape of his neck. Maybe some of his group members were able to find the place where Luke and his group were right now so they could reunite.
Damn, it was still allowed to dream,right? Most of his group members knew how to fight or to shoot and in the worst case,they still had the doc with them..if he wasn’t dead that is.
"And you’re right…temprature is dropping…and the storm will be back soon…ehh..if..if you don’t mind..we can offer you a bit as well. I mean skill wise. I don’t like to come in with nothing.

While it’s getting colder, this is not that much of a problem for us. We had a lot of scrap fabric at the old place so as you can see..we have warm clothes.If you have some material lying around..I can make something out of it..or..well…fix some stuff..
Sorry..I’m not soo useful except when it comes to make clothing.”

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thelastremains ic Oh Zac you will MARVEL at the beautiful leather jacket Jane has The magical forrest girlfriend of Luke XD
"By the way... where is your mom?"



"… She’s dead."

"… It’s got walker guts on it…" It was ruined. Even he knew it, there was no need for him to try to sweeten the truth. She would much rather be with her mother than some stranger. Her eyes narrowed at him and her lips were pursed into a thin line. 

"The bad man said that too…"

Well fuck. It wasn’t the first time, that Zac fell in some kind of uncomfortable situation. He wasn’t bad…he couldn’t even kill a living person even if he wanted.
"Yeah yeah bad men say a lot when the day is long. But he didn’t have taste in fashion so he probably just said it to charm you know…get you on his side. After said, he is was a bad man. And bad people get what they deserve. Karma and stuff."
Zac looked closer at the dress. Blood was hard to get out and this was his only concern. It wasn’t like he couldn’t get rid of the guts.

"Even if the dress has some stains and other things on’s not ruined.You can still wear it,right? It’s another story if it would be torn.So don’t lose hope."

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